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I grew up in the listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rare Earth, Sly Stone, early Motown of any kind, etc... And because of their flare for improvisation on anything from simple folk to progressive jazz, I learned to love The Grateful Dead. After playing and touring with The Watching, Timothy Pure, Libra Square and Nick Savage and Friends, in 2000, I decided to look into hiring the best band that I could for the Nick Savage Band. I found drummer John McKnight, and bassist Steve Mays from The Barry Richman Band. These two were phenomenal separately but together.... That was the official start of NSB. 
We did the entire club scene in Atlanta, Athens, Georgia, the Southeast. We were featured artists with the City of Atlanta's Summer Concerts in the Parks series, the Montreaux Music Festival, The Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Dekalb Jazz Fest, several Z93/Dunham's events including live broadcasts from the Brandy House. We've done shows with Celia Cruz, Cowboy Junkies, Col, Bruce Hampton (RIP), The Fiji Mariners, Blueground Undergrass, Kevin Max from DC Talk, Derek Webb, Matthew Perryman Jones, to name a few. During this time God has changed my life and for the better, forever. I dedicated my life to ministry and service to the Lord. The band transitioned that direction. Since then, I have also been writing a great deal of material and recording. Now, things hot again with a ton of exciting new material and fresh perspective. 
We are celebrating 25 years of playing and still going....


Current and previous musicians that have been in the line up or sat in with us:

Nick Savage -Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Organ, Noise...

Bass guitar, Vocals:

Steve Mays (Everyone), Jairaj Swann (Jake Sharpe, The Fellowship, Michael Levine), Jon Schwenke (Mudcat, Delta Moon, Chris Duarte) Jeremy Bowman, Paul Knight (Elemental Harmonics, Uprise)

Guitars, Vocals: 

Adam Knight (Earsight), Doug Morton, Matt Sears (12 Stone), Tommy Thompson (The Network), Coy Bowles (Zac Brown Band)Myles Brown (Soundmen, Myles Brown), Michael Smith (Dappled Grays)


Greg Perry (Lingo, The Soundmen), Jon McKnight (Chris Duarte, The Rhythm Yard), Michael Prewitt, Kerry Denton, John Thomson 


Trinidad Otero, Kevin Smith (The Running Kind), Andrew Fazackerly (Gentlemen of Jazz), Rich Ianucci, John Soto


Nick Longo (Everyone) Saxaphone, Thom Jenkins, (Saxaphone, trumpet, lyricon, ewi)

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